How we can help you

Upskill your workforce

Customer centricity and agile are more than tools, they are a mindset. Our curated content offers participants skills they can directly apply on the job.

Take it global

To enable collaboration across regions and departments, our framework offers participants a base to build on in terms of knowledge and language

Futureproof your business

Through our certification program, organizations are able to create and foster their own style of a self-sustained, customer-centric innovation culture.

How it works

To provide a consistent level of training, each participant goes through three levels of certification, a combination of theoretical and practical learning. Each of the certification levels are designed to equip the candidates with the right set of tools and knowledge needed for supporting innovation teams, leading agile projects and empowering others to do so in the organization.

Potential catalysts of change are identified through a profile assessment developed with the latest research in neuroscience and education.

To gain the Core Certification participants begin with a foundation of curated online content and practical assessments.

For the Advanced Certification, participants can select multiple areas of specialization, with a series of guided projects to apply their knowledge.

To achieve the Master Certification, which allows to certify others, participants must consistently demonstrate the skill to lead relevant projects.

Why companies choose Sparkademy

Content curation

We have curated a library of modules that includes the latest content of relevance to leading organizations. Each module has been selected based on strict criteria which was carefully designed and tested to maximize learning.


The value of each assessment rests on its unique mix of theoretical and practical elements, built through years of industry and subject-matter experience from our team. These exercises help prove the ability to not just remember, but also apply what has been learned.

What our clients say

"Through its unique assessment approach, Sparkademy’s Certification program is equipping our company globally with highly qualified human-centered experts who all contribute to anchor our new “customer-centric and experimentation” culture and mindset into our employees' DNA.”

Vincent Ducret,
Head of Competency Center - Design Thinking and Lean Enterprise at Philip Morris International

We have certified hundreds of participants in over 50 countries

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