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Are you tired of training your employees this way?

This is what it’s costing you. Do these sound familiar?

· Overspending on consultancies
· Missed innovation opportunities
· Poor employer branding
· Loss of competitiveness
· No internal cultural change
· "Dusty" corporate image

Did you know?

Your company transformation can show up to a 15x return on investment.*

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*Results seen by a Sparkademy client after going through the program.

How it works

Sparkademy is an employee training program that helps companies like yours scale customer-centric skills and reduce spending.

Step 1

We identify the right people to upskill

We identify and select the employees with the right skills and highest potential for your enterprise transformation. There’s no reason to spend money & time on training the wrong people.

Why we select people

Not every person has what it takes to transform a company. We help you identify the gems in your company that will spark your transformation.

How we select your change-makers

We evaluate each person’s ability to deal with emotions and uncertainty, the two basic skills required for innovation and customer-centricity. 

Why your R&D / innovation department is not enough

You don’t need to launch the next product innovation. You need a company transformation. And that’s why you can’t leave it up to your R&D / innovation department to get the job done.

Step 2

We teach them the skills to transform your business

Your game-changers gain the skills and knowledge through our content + knowledge check and practical assignments. With these, we validate that the learners don’t only memorize what they learn, but also understand it.

How we guarantee the effectiveness of our teaching

We don’t only teach the content through engaging videos, but also encourage learners to apply their skills right away in our practical assignments.

Why we sometimes ‘fail’ participants,
even at the very end

Only the best of the best receive a certification at the end of each level. If someone does not fulfill the criteria and cannot apply the new knowledge, they won’t be the right ones to push your transformation forward.

Why we’re the best to teach these skills

We have gained our expertise in innovation through years of work with Switzerland’s leading Strategic Innovation Consultancy, Spark Works.

Step 3

Your teams apply those skills in company projects

Participants apply their new skills and knowledge by starting projects in your company. By bringing new approaches and ideas, these employees push transformation in the organization.

What if an employee doesn’t have their own project?

Our customers have shown that the participants initiate projects and share their ideas openly, even if they are not in a project leadership position.

Why our program isn’t just about theoretical content

It’s been proven that knowledge is best acquired when applied. Participants are required to practice their new skills and are assessed on that.

How you get immediate value for your projects

We’re not offering Coursera courses where course completion is the main criteria to success. We sit down and assess participant submissions so they can learn & implement the learnings in their projects.

Step 4

Your teams teach their peers & scale the transformation

Instead of us having to train each employee individually, the first-movers teach their peers and
develop the next generation of change-makers. This is how we scale up your company transformation.

How we make sure they are able to teach their peers

As soon as your first change-makers have reached the level of expertise to teach others, we step in and support them in that journey.

How long it takes to transform your company

Transformation and adaptation never end, but at some point you should be able to take care of it by yourself. How long it takes depends on things like your current company culture, company size, etc.
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The magic behind

Our work has its origins at ETH Zurich, one of the world’s leading universities for technology and natural sciences. Based on neuroscience and management research, we have built a tool that helps build on each employee’s innovation potential.

Never heard of ETH?

Albert Einstein studied & taught there.

One client's results in 2020

Our customers

Every large company needs a customer-centric culture to stay competitive. These are using Sparkademy to create it.

What our customers are saying

“After starting the program, we have seen our world-wide need for external innovation consultants decreased by 80%. Internal skills and capabilities gained through the program progressively replaced the need for external support”
Vincent Ducret
Head of Competency Center, Design Thinking / Lean Enterprise - Transformation
Phillip Morris International
“Right after completion of the Innovation Catalyst - Level 1 program, we asked our ‘Innovation Catalysts’ to facilitate an introductory Innovation course. Not only were they ready, they were downright eager to apply what they learned with their peers and leaders!”
Erik Lien
Innovation Learning Lead
Cargill Inc.

It's easy to get started

· Start with just 20 employees
· 3 weeks average setup time
· Crafted to your business needs
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