Unconventional learning for exceptional results

By using cutting-edge technology, we ensure we train the right people at the right time in the right way.

With our program, your team will have access to a personalized and dynamic learning experience that's tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Less like e-learning, more like b-school... but better

Giving your teams access to an e-learning platform is the equivalent of a library card — nice, but barely used. Sending your team to business school is great... but very 1990 and provides a suboptimal return on investment.

That’s why we do things differently


Business School


High Engagement

Tailored Program

Curated Syllabus

Clear Evaluation

Low Admin

Clear ROI

Three-part transformation track

Our Core level provides your teams with a strong knowledge base and consistent way of communicating. The Advanced and Master levels then build onto these fundamentals with the tools and skills that prepare your teams to grow your organization independently.

∼ 14 months

Spark Check

Core Level

Advanced Level*


Master Level*

Online Modules
Practical Work
Project Work
Live Masterclass
* Tailored to Client

User Discovery & Needfinding

Problem-Solving & Idea Evaluation

Prototyping & Experimentation

Agile Team Dynamics

Business Modelling

Innovation Metrics & Finance

User Experience Design

Multicultural Negotiation Skills

Sprint Design & Facilitation

Service Design

Visual Storytelling

Effective Communication

And more.

Business Analytics for Innovation

Open Innovation Management

Corp. Innovation Strategy

Sustainability in Business

And more.

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What our Modules offer

Engaging content

Each Module consists of 3 weeks of participatory learning, including online courses in cohorts and engaging exercises.

Practical exercises

Our Practical Assignments encourage teams to learn by doing. We test new skills by applying them to real life situations.

Lifelong access

Learners gain a lifelong access to content and tools such as the Method Kit, to help in project work even after the program.

Our 3 week Module

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Online course
Practical Assignment
Knowledge Check
Tools & template access
Personal feedback
Live chat support
Peer-to-peer learning


What our learners say

I enjoyed this module, it allowed me to work on the creative side of my brain and come up with a solution!
- Learner from the United States

It was very well structured. Practical assignment is essential to digest all the information.
- Learner from Italy

First of all this module was very useful for my current projects, I liked the examples and the practical assignment.
- Learner from Bulgaria

Very clear, comprehensive training. Easy to follow and understand the content. Switching from reading, video content and practical part give a dynamic component.
- Learner from Slovenia

This module content was really enjoyable, easy to understand and easy to see how to use in my work.
- Learner from Brazil

It was fun and challenging - great content!
- Learner from the United States

Data-driven and personalized

Because education should not be based on estimations and assumptions

Identification of learners

Every talent is unique. We use a scientific approach to leverage your existing talents and identify the right people for the right training.

Tailored to your

Every company is different. We tailor our modular program to meet your company and industry needs.

Personalization of learning

Every learner needs attention. Our personalized feedback helps your learners understand how to develop further.

Our holistic approach

Learner identification using neuroscience research

Let’s leverage your existing talents and train the right people for the right job.

Using our Spark Check, we support you in identifying future leaders. We then help them understand which skills they can build on and how to do so.

Staying motivated is the key to a successful learning journey. It’s also the hardest part.

Typically,  the engagement rate in online learning is 15%. Unsurprisingly, completion rates are usually quite low. Our program is designed to tactically nudge participants towards an 88-94% completion rate.

Using applied learning to drive real world impact

Some things are best learned by doing. Learning is reinforced by practice. And, as we all know, practice makes perfect.

Our tools support learners in their own work and projects, strengthening their learning through real-life experiences.

Tracking individual progress

Metrics run a business. Why should it be any different with learning?

We assess and certify your team’s learning, allowing you to monitor their progress, strengths and weaknesses.

Hear what our clients say

Right after our first group of Level 1 certifications were complete, we asked several of our new Innovation Catalysts to facilitate the foundational Innovation course at Cargill. Not only were they ready, they were downright eager to apply what they’d learned with their peers and leaders!

Erik Lien

Innovation Learning Lead, Cargill Inc.

After starting the program, we have seen our world-wide need for external innovation consultants decreased by 80%. Internal skills and capabilities gained through the program progressively replaced the need for external support

Vincent Ducret

Head of Competency Center,
 Design Thinking / Lean Enterprise - Transformation, PMI

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