About us

Our team of 9 individuals, representing 6 different countries and spread across 3 different countries, is united in revolutionizing the way we approach education and innovation.

With unwavering commitment to our work, our global team is united in our mission to spread innovation all around the world.

Our Team

It's all about the people

Prof. Dr. Stefano Brusoni

Co-founder - Science

Dr. Alan Cabello

Co-founder - Management

Celine Heim

Customer & Program Manager

Jason Hales

Head of Partnerships

Rafael Sousa

Senior Software Engineer

Hanna Basche

Content Specialist

Christian Miklautz

Content & Data Specialist

Miranda Johnson

Product & Content Specialist

Ana Bocard

Marketing Specialist

Our mission and goal

Our mission is to help large organizations futureproof their business from within. The goal of the Enablement program is to identify, define and teach the requisite skillset and competencies to key staff, create a network of certified enablers and ultimately reduce the need for external consultants.

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Our story

We began Spark Labs with the vision to design an academic program that would educate the innovation leaders of tomorrow. With the support of many passionate individuals throughout the years, Spark Labs grew from a single program to an organization at ETHZ that runs various education and research activities driven by three main principles: empathy (or human-centricity), agility and collaboration.

After several years of working with different project partners we founded Spark Works as a small innovation consultancy to tackle corporate innovation and transformation challenges. Our work here has spanned from rethinking banking of the future, to digitalizing parental advise or exploring B2B solutions for additive manufacturing technologies. Spark Works continues to grow into a leading strategic innovation company in Switzerland and recently the UK.

A few years ago, one of our key customers came to us with a unique challenge: Could we help train coaches for their agile program, at scale? Could we come up with a format to have people in Malaysia, Argentina and the rest of the world, not only share a common vocabulary and mindset, but keep on learning as they practice? Three years, 50 countries and hundreds of participants later, and the project has become a new venture in the Educational Technology "EdTech" space - Sparkademy.

Today Spark Labs continues to conduct innovation research and education at ETHZ in Switzerland, Spark Works offers innovation consulting throughout Europe and Sparkademy focuses on scaling employee upskilling globally.

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