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Some people are naturally better fitted to challenge the status quo and drive change in organizations. Finding those people is the best strategy to break through silos and transform your company.
Find out what type of innovator you are
Spark Check Lite sorts your innovators into four categories; Front Runner, Problem Solver, People’s Person, and Change Maker. 

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Spark Check

What do we test?

The Spark Check measures the two core capabilities essential for people who drive organizational transformation:

1. Dealing with uncertainty: This test identifies innovation potential by examining the participant’s abilities to deal with uncertain choices.

2. Dealing with emotions: This test identifies innovation potential by examining the participant’s abilities to perceive and detect emotions.

Why this test?

Research done by Prof. Stefano Brusoni and his team at ETH Zürich showed that we are all on a spectrum of dealing with uncertainty. This spans from focusing on solving existing problems to finding strategies to cope with future challenges.

The results

The two dimensions, dealing with uncertainty and dealing with the emotions of others, reveal four key transformation types: The Change Maker, the People’s Person, the Front Runner, and the Problem Solver. Getting an idea of your transformation type makes you aware of your strengths. Moreover, by consciously using them, you will support your company best in solving future challenges.
Want to find out what kind of innovator you are?
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