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Spark Check

The Spark Check is a tool built based on neuroscience research which helps us test employees' ability to deal with uncertainty and other people’s emotions.

Research at ETHZ has shown that people who drive organizational transformation combine two core abilities: they can deal with uncertainty to identify a way forward, and they are good at identifying needs by reading people’s emotional responses.

Through the Spark Check we identify the transformation potential of employees, ensuring we select the right people for the right training.

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We develop our content together with some of the leading universities in the world, such as University of California, Berkeley, Imperial College London, ETH Zurich and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).

Our content is created and taught with academic and industry experts, who have decades of experience. Get to know our teachers!

Prof. Dr. Stefano Brusoni

Dr. Alan Cabello

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High-level motivation

Motivation is the key to learning. But it can be hard to maintain. We make sure to constantly measure and optimize engagement through participation exercises and social nudges. That way motivation stays at a high and content is more readily retained.

Exclusive tools

Our Method Kit compiles the best theoretical frameworks, practical tools and hands-on tips in one place. Accessible for life, the Method Cards can be used to support participants in their learning journey, practical work and real-life projects. Now and in the future.

Cascading approach

This is when the top-down approach comes back into play. Instead of continuing to train each employee individually, we enable first graduates from our program to teach their peers. And take your company transformation to the next level.

How we facilitate peer-to-peer teaching

As soon as your first changemakers reach the level of expertise to teach others, we step in to support them in passing on their knowledge. So that eventually we can step away.

The duration of your company transformation

Every business is continuously evolving and adapting. But at some point you should be able to take care of it by yourself. How long it takes to reach that point — and complete our program — depends on factors such as your current company culture and size.

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