Empowering future change makers through learning

April 28, 2021

The road to transformation is long and winding — not a straightforward process. It requires multiple components rather than just a 100-page slide deck to show to employees.

How to make the transformation happen in a company?

Every organization has a group of people who are very motivated and driven to innovate. On the other extreme there are people who do not see the value of change and are simply happy with the way things are. That is why the key in transformation is to identify the people who are naturally more open to embracing change and finding new opportunities.

Finding and empowering these motivated innovators will help to get others on board. After all, the best way to drive transformation forward is to use the people in the organization, who are familiar with the company and understand the culture. Having the internal innovators spark this change, gets the early adopters and then the early majority excited about the change, too.

The diffusion of innovation


Empowering innovators

Identifying change makers is the key for transformation. And that is why we have built our Spark Check, an online tool that helps to identify people with innovation potential; who are more likely to drive transformation and innovation.

Leveraging the research done by ETH Zurich and Professor Stefano Brusoni, Chair of Technology and Innovation Management, Sparkademy approaches company transformation through our Spark Check, effective education and applied learning. Through these components, we foster teams’ innovation skills, which eventually creates a space for transformation in the company. Everyone might not be an innovator by default, but they could become one. This can be achieved through learning — all it needs is a little spark to get started.

Interested to know more about the science behind finding innovators? Watch the full video where Sparkademy CEO Alan Cabello explains the research and work behind our Spark Check and learning program.

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