Scaling L&D with Brightleap's Novel Experiential Learning as a Service (LaaS) Approach

May 16, 2023

Learning and development, or L&D, is often neglected in companies. Many believe it is simply there to keep employees happy and match what competitors offer. This view, which sees L&D as a cost with little gain, overlooks its key role in a company's long-term success.

Why does this misconception persist? It's because today's focus is on the present, not the future. We often want things that give immediate benefits rather than investing for future returns, especially when the future is uncertain. This is the trap that learning often falls into. Our experiences from school and university, where we made substantial investments with uncertain returns, have conditioned us to question the worth of hours spent learning and how that has contributed to our current performance and success.

To prioritize learning in today's world, we need to see immediate returns and ensure it's highly relevant to the learner's context. At Sparkademy, we've discovered that individuals need to learn and apply their knowledge simultaneously to appreciate the value of their newly-acquired skills. But that's not all; this learning experience must be tailored to align with the company's industry, products, and culture. Learners need to identify with the entire learning journey, which must feel integrated into their work, not like an additional isolated course.

This is why we created Brightleap. It's a new way to make hands-on learning flexible and customized to meet specific organisational needs. Our Learning as a Service (LaaS) model allows L&D teams to offer and manage a wide range of hands-on learning experiences, each designed with a particular business goal in mind.

What do I love most about our new offering, Brightleap? It's not about providing a program for every possible skill; it's about reaching a business goal. We start with your business goal - what change or result do you want to see? Then we look at the skills needed, whether behaviours need to change, or if a process needs to be tweaked. Building the program around these needs is what makes it work. The best part comes next - launching a pilot program and learning from it. We constantly improve our solution based on learner feedback and the data we collect. Seeing learners apply what they've learned more and more is the best part of my job.

I'm very proud of what we've achieved so far, but we're not stopping here. The sky's the limit, and our vision goes even further. Our team is working tirelessly to make BrightLeap's offering the most user-focused and impactful digital hands-on learning experience available.

Celine Heim
Lead Business Operations

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